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Specimen Code Number: LU102718
Learn more about: Allanite-(Ce)
Great Locality Piece
Size: Thumbnail
1.1 x 0.7 x 0.3 cm
Location: Trimouns Talc Mine
Description: A terminated dark brown Allanite-(Ce) crystal with lustrous faces.
It shows excellent clarity when backlit.
It comes from Trimouns Talc Mine, in France. The Allanite-(Ce) from this locality can sometimes also have Dissakisite-(Ce) in the same crystal.
Here is a note from Mindat:
"Note: Hoshino et al. (2008) have investigated the composition of dissakisite-(Ce) and allanite-(Ce) from this locality, and also publish 10 microprobe analyses from a single crystal. Their conclusion is that: Euhedral dissakisites from Trimouns dolomite mine, France, is compositionally zoned. Back-scattered electron (BSE) images reveal that each of the described dissakisite crystals has three distinct compositional zones: normal zoned core (Mg-rich), oscillatory zoned middle (Ca-Al-rich) and homogeneous rim (Fe-ΣREE-rich). The latter zone with Fe2+> Mg corresponds to allanite-(Ce). Dissakisite-(Ce) also displays pronounced zoning in Fe/Mg which may suggest that the temperature of crystallization continuously decreased from core to rim. Each individual crystal will probably, therefore, contain both species. Allanite-(Ce) is generally considered to be darker than dissakisite-(Ce), but this is not a definitive way to distinguish between the minerals."
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SOLD for: $129.00

$129.00 4:28.18 PM Nov. 2, 2021 Rabbit
$128.00 4:28.17 PM Nov. 2, 2021 rookieGG
$101.00 4:26.31 PM Nov. 2, 2021 Rabbit
$100.00 4:26.30 PM Nov. 2, 2021 rookieGG
$67.00 4:26.18 PM Nov. 2, 2021 Rabbit
$66.00 4:26.17 PM Nov. 2, 2021 rookieGG
$50.00 12:58.52 PM Oct. 30, 2021 Rabbit
$42.00 12:58.51 PM Oct. 30, 2021 fgagems
$41.00 12:58.26 PM Oct. 30, 2021 fgagems
$40.00 12:58.25 PM Oct. 30, 2021 Rabbit
$38.00 6:12.59 PM Oct. 27, 2021 fgagems