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Auction Rules


To bid on minerals in our auctions, you must be at least 18 years of age. People under 18 are not legally responsible for their actions and can not form a legally binding contract (which bidding in an auction is) with an adult in accordance with all applicable laws. To verify your age, you will have to provide a valid credit card number when you register. Sorry but NO EXCEPTIONS

-1-To enter bids for specimens you must first register. After registering you can then bid freely without having to register again but you will have to login each time you first enter the site if you intend to enter bids on items.

-2-When you come back to visit the auction you will be asked to log in before you can bid. Once you have logged on you are ready to bid freely until you log off by
leaving the site.

-3-When you are ready to enter a bid you will have an option to make it a proxy bid. Consider the maximum amount you would be willing to pay for this specimen. Check the proxy bid box and the programming will enter bids on your behalf using the minimal bid increment for this system. All specimen bids must be in whole United States dollar amounts. That is entered bids must be $2, $35, $88, $235, etc. No bid will be accepted that has cents included such as: $32.34, $4.39, $145.77, etc.

-4-If you do not check the box making this a proxy bid then the amount you enter in as a bid is the amount you are willing to pay for the specimen. That full amount will be posted to the table if you are the highest bidder. If you can not be at the closing and chose not to use proxy bidding then enter a maximum bid you are willing to pay for the specimen.

-5-If you did select the proxy bid option then the system will automatically enter a bid for you at the next accepted increment or for the maximum amount of your bid if another bidder enters that same amount subsequently. You will likely see bids on the table from the same person in rapid succession chronilogically. These represent proxy bids entered by the system on that users behalf. The date and time of the proxy bid will appear on the table as well.

-6- If you are outbid during the course of the auction the system will notify you via email that you have been outbid on that particular item

-7-The auction is fully automated and will become a live auction at the start of the closing (see the posted time in the box on the left side of the screen for start and closing times). You will be bidding against other people in real-time.

-8-If you enter a bid that is smaller than the most recent bid received you will be returned to the bidding entry area with a note indicating that the bid entered is less than the existing bid. This can happen frequently during the start or close of the auction meaning that you may have seen a bid at one level, entered a bid which is higher than the last seen by you but it will be rejected because someone else has entered a higher bid in just the past few seconds. It is recommended that you hit your browser refresh button frequently while you are logged on as bid levels change frequently - especially during the closing period. During the closing numerous bids are frequently entered for the same specimen at or nearly at the same time. The programming has only one bias: the first bid successfully entered is the bid that counts.

-9-Winning bids for the offered specimens are determined after 10 minutes has passed from the start of the close or 10 minutes after the last bid received after the auction has started closing. All of the specimens may not close at the same time, as bidding activity will determine the final closing times on a specimen-by-specimen basis.

-10-If no bid is entered for a given specimen during the first 10 minutes after the start of the closing the current high bid for that specimen will be awarded the rock.

-11- If a new bid is received before the 10 minutes expires then the clock is reset for that given specimen to close 10 minutes from the time the bid was entered. The specimen will not be declared sold until 10 minutes has passed since the last bid entered after the auction starts to close. The auction for a given specimen will close exactly 10 minutes after the last bid or the start of the closing. If you wait until the last possible moment it is most probable that your bid will enter the system too late. If you want to bid on a specimen don't delay! Do it!

-12-If you enter an erroneous bid you have 30 minutes from the time of the entered bid to contact the administrator ( by email to alert us that an erroneous bid was submitted. Please indicate what the correct bid should have been and it will be corrected. After 30 minutes all bids are final. During the auction closing all entered bids are final and will not be corrected.

-13- After the auction has closed, all bidders will be notified by email. You will be contacted by the dealer who placed the mineral specimen up in the auction. They will direct you to their payment and shipping information page. The transaction for each specimen is with the dealer that placed the item in the auction. I will not act as a central shipping location for specimens won from more than one dealer per auction.

-14-You have 7 days from the close of the auction to complete the transaction with the dealer. If you can not then contact the dealer within 7 days and make it known to him or her when you will be able to. If the winner of the specimen cannot fulfill their obligation with good reason they will be barred from all future auctions and the person with the 2nd highest bid will be offered the specimen at their highest bid or the specimen will be entered into a subsequent auction.

-15-If I detect that a participant is willfully trying to harass another participant the offending participant will be warned and asked to cease. If they continue to a second infraction their bids will be revoked and they will be barred from all future auctions.

-16- Auction specimen returns are accepted for 10 days from receipt of specimen, for damage or if the specimen is not acceptable. Otherwise, your bid is a contract to buy the specimen at the price set by your bid.

-17-I have offered to let other dealers participate in auctioning off their specimens. I am personally vouching for their integrity. If a problem arises then I will ensure that you as a buyer are fully protected. I encourage you to provide feedback to me on your experiences with the other dealers
involved with this effort.

-Lastly- You have entered the first, most innovative and longest running Auction for rocks of any kind on the Internet. It is my goal to continue to make the Auctions here at Mineral-Auctions.Com exciting, informative and fun - above all else FUN! Any other suggestions you have to keep it this way are most welcomed.

Thanks for your participation!

Luciana Barbosa

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for rocks on the Internet!

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